New California law protects surviving homeowners from “widow foreclosures”

Senate Bill 1150, the Homeowner Survivor Bill of Rights (SBOR), was recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown to protect surviving homeowners against unnecessary foreclosures.  Surviving homeowners includes widowed spouses, domestic partners, heirs, siblings, and joint tenants. Before the bill was signed into law mortgage servicers have refused to speak to surviving homeowners because they were not listed on the mortgage and have subsequently foreclosed on them. Under the new law, servicers will have to speak with surviving homeowners and provide clear information about their options and the process to assume the mortgage and possibly seek a modification. The Housing and Economic Rights Advocates and the California Reinvestment Coalitionfter diligently worked on getting SB 1150 passed after hearing from housing counselors and attorneys who were trying to help surviving homeowners but where met with this major obstacle. To learn more about SB 1150 click here.

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