A BIG thank you to Mrs. Brinkman

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Because of VCCDC’s commitment to education and the Business Academy at Channel Islands High, generations to come will benefit!  I truly try to education not only my student’s minds, but their hearts as well and VCCDC’s generosity warms my heart. It truly has been an honor to partner with such an outstanding company for so many year.

A BIG thank you to Mrs. Brinkman for her unwavering dedication to her students & the Making Cents for Life Program… 

“Teachers plant seeds that grow forever”…

Ventura County Community Development Corporation (VCCDC) is so grateful for one of its most dedicated partners, Beryle Brinkman, not only for the strong partnership they share but for her many years of service as a teacher at Channel Islands High School in Oxnard. Mrs. Brinkman enjoys making a difference in her students’ life through her Work Experience classes and the Business Academy program.  The partnership between VCCDC and Mrs. Brinkman began 8 years ago through the Financial Literacy Program, which has expanded to the Making Cents for Life Financial Coaching Program for Youth.  The Making Cents for Life program encourages local youth to develop personal finance skills by providing them with a savings accounts matched at a 3:1 ratio by VCCDC.  The savings generated from these accounts go to support their educational goal, such as college tuition, books, the purchase of a computer, etc. The collaboration between VCCDC and Mrs. Brinkman’s junior and senior classes as well as the generous grant support from various partners has made the Making Cents for Life program a complete success. VCCDC has been able to award more than $50,000 in scholarships to students who have moved on to pursue higher learning at universities such as UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Northridge, and UC Irvine.  Mrs. Brinkman’s commitment to the Making Cents for Life program is proof of her love and dedication to the youth of our community.  Now it’s time for Mrs. Brinkman to kick up her feet and enjoy retirement to the fullest, she deserves it!

Mrs Brinkman

Mrs. Brinkman and her 2013-2014 Business Academy classes.