Financial Management Services


One of our focuses during one-on-one counseling with VCCDC Education & Counseling is to help clients better understand their financial history, current financial situation and prepare for short- and long-term goals. Our Financial Management Services greatly increases your progress toward a more stable and wealthy future.

Coaching sessions will help you create workable and actionable financial goals, improve your credit, deal with creditors, while boosting your savings and decreasing debt. Topics typically covered at counseling sessions include a review of:

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Review client’s credit report(s)
  • Identify credit challenges
  • Provide client information on delinquency
  • Determine household debt level
  • Analyze budgets and recommend modification
  • Perform various calculations, including affordability based on income and debt
  • Help establish household action plan
  • Provide coaching and guidance to reach goals

A bonus workshop called Financial Fitness is also part of the Financial Management Services —a mini-financial boot camp that we recommend to all our clients who have ever…

  • Had financial goals, but didn’t know where to begin
  • Wanted useful budgeting tools and money-saving tips
  • Wondered which debts to pay off first
  • Wanted to understand your own credit information and ways to protect your identity
  • Wanted to become financially fit!

Call today to schedule an appointment and get started on getting back in track with your financial needs. To schedule an appointment call 805-273-7800.