eHome America – Online Homebuyer Education Course

VCCDC offers an online Homebuyer Education Course for those who find it difficult to come to the in-person Homebuyer Education Workshop. This online version, offered through eHome America, helps individuals get the education and certification they need at their convenience for only $99 per household!

This online course cannot replace in-person homebuyer counseling therefore we strongly encourage that eHome America participants take advantage of our Coaching for Homeownership sessions after completing the online course.

NOTE: If you plan on taking our on-line homebuyer education course to meet your mortgage loan requirements please verify with your lender if an on-line course will satisfy their requirements. Some lenders may require you to attend an in-person course.

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If you have any questions regarding the eHome America Course please feel free to contact us at 805-273-7800.

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