Home Preservation Counseling


If you are a homeowner that is behind on your mortgage payments, or concerned that you will become late, the VCCDC Home Preservation Team can help! Our Foreclosure Counselors will assess your situation and provide recommendations for your next steps. The VCCDC Home Preservation Team will serve as your advocate to help obtain the best solution available to you.

VCCDC’s Foreclosure Counselors help families with successful one-on-one counseling to provide homeowners with a specific, actionable plan that can help them avoid foreclosure, or explore alternatives to foreclosure if homeownership cannot be maintained.
Our counselors will:

  • Analyze your situation and educate you about the foreclosure process
  • Help you develop a budget and spending plan that works.
  • Help you find ways to manage your debt.
  • Help you access refinance and modification opportunities.

Come in and meet with a counselor to discuss available resources. Our staff is knowledgeable with the Making Home Affordable program and Keep Your Home California program.

Our Foreclosure Counselors are ready to work with you so contact us today at (805) 273-7800 for a free Home Preservation counseling session!