From House to Home Client Story – John & Heather Curtis

“The neat thing about living in Ventura is the hometown feeling… everyone looks out for each other”. – John Curtis, VCCDC Homeowner
For John & Heather, Ventura has been their longtime home and they couldn’t see themselves living anywhere else. They knew they would have to work hard to become homeowners in one of the priciest counties in California but they knew it would be worth it. Their journey towards homeownership began more than 10 years ago through the City of Ventura Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program available to Section 8 housing voucher holders. With the funds they were able to save through the FSS Program and the budgeting and savings skills they acquired from VCCDC’s Creating a Stable Home (CASH) Financial Program, the Curtis’ were able to save enough money for a down payment for their first home! The Curtis’ took advantage of VCCDC’s full cycle of homeownership services ranging from homebuyer education, coaching, mortgage lending including $45,000 in down payment assistance, realty services and post purchase education. After the successful purchase of their first home with VCCDC the Curtis’ knew they had found their trusted source in the homeownership industry:
“At VCCDC they look out for your best interest…they say ‘you’re the client and we want to serve you. What can we do serve you better, to make things easier and more affordable you.'”
Fast forward seven years, VCCDC had the opportunity to assist the Curtis’ once more! This time with the purchase of one of the twelve affordable units in the Enclave community, a project in partnership with Watts Communities at Nortbank, LLC, the City of Ventura, and VCCDC. The Curtis’ love their newly constructed 3 bedroom property, an upgrade from their starter 2 bedroom condo,
“I feel like I’m living more in an actual house. I feel like it’s more of a home…you got neighbors that are looking out for you”.
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