“The American Dream remains alive and I feel like I have reached the American Dream.”

The American Dream remains alive and I feel like I have reached the American Dream. I am grateful with everyone at VCCDC for helping me with the homebuying process.”  ~Blas Perez, VCCDC Homeowner ~

Sometimes you have to trust the magic of new beginnings… And that’s exactly what Blas Perez did. When Mr. Perez came to us in 2016 he was going through a big change in his life.  His home in the Westview Village, the city of Ventura’s oldest and biggest public housing complex, was being demolished as part of a renovation project. After living in the complex for 13 years, he took this new change as the opportunity to fulfill the American Dream and become a homeowner.

Blas Perez

VCCDC Mortgage Loan Specialist, Gustavo Ramirez, and new homeowner, Blas Perez.

While the Perez family knew they wanted to buy a home of their own they were unsure about how they were going to reach that dream. The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura (Ventura) directed them to VCCDC for assistance in reaching their goal. While at VCCDC, the Perez family took advantage of our Homebuyer Education Workshop and Coaching for Homeownerhship service which helped answer a lot of the questions that come with buying a home. With the help of VCCDC’s various down payment assistance programs, the Perez family was able to realize their dream of homeownership! Coincidentally, the Perez family purchased a home just 1 block away from their previous home, helping making their transition a lot smoother.

A big congratulations to the Perez family!  VCCDC feels honored to have been a part of their journey towards homeownership!